Passive Dynamic Locomotion

Passive Dynamics SLIP DLAR Lab dynamic locomotion and robotics lab

In this project, we systematically investigated passive dynamic gaits that emerge from the natural mechanical dynamics of a bipedal legged system. To this end, we developed an energetically conservative, yet complete dynamical model of a biped.

Understand Animal Locomotion

To investigate the underlying mechanisms of jerboas’ frequent gait transitions and gaits of horses, we modeled them using simplified spring mass template models and used optimizations to identify the key parameters.

Optimization for Gait Creation

We use trajectory optimization and the full body models of the robots to generate reference trajectories with different footfall patterns.

Controller Design for Legged Robots

We are developing bounding and pronking gait controllers for two quadrupedal robots A1 and Aliengo from Unitree Robotics using iterative learning approach.