Zhenyu Gan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gan’s general research interests lie at the intersection of robotics and nonlinear dynamics. He enjoys studying systems with interesting dynamical behavior and applying the resulting knowledge to robotic systems such as legged robots and robotic exoskeletons.

Graduate Students

Yasser Gurmallah A Alqaham

Yasser Alqaham is pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. He has an academic background in dynamics and control, and mechanical design. He is interested in legged robotics, gait analysis, and trajectory optimization.  

Jing Cheng

Jing Cheng is a first-year Ph.D. student working on research related to gait analysis of quadrupedal or bipedal animals, studying the energetical optimal motions of legged robots to achieve more robust and natural motions.

Jiayu Ding

Jiayu Ding is a second-year master’s student in Computer Engineering. His research is related to the modeling of legged locomotion and the gait transitions of animals.

Zheng Tang

Zheng Tang is a first-year master’s student in Computer Science. He is interested in gaits and kinematics of legged robots.

Jiayu Yang

Jiayu Yang a second-year master’s student in Mechanical Engineering at Syracuse University. He is interested in the programming of legged robots.

Undergraduate Students

Shane M Sefranksy

Shane Sefransky is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student at Syracuse University. He has an interest in robotics and offroading, developed during his participation in high school VEX robotics and as the President of Cuse Baja, Syracuse University’s offroad car building team.

Ruohan Xu

Ruohan Xu is a second-year student in Mechanical Engineering at Syracuse University. He is the Vice President of the Orange Robotics Club at Syracuse University since 2019 and the recipient of the 2020 Syracuse University Office of Student Living Resident of the Year & Student Leader Award.